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March 3, 2016

Shirmeen’s Crime

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All kind of curses have already been funneled down to the work of Shirmeen Obaid Chinoy. And her alleged crime is that she has presented a negative image of Pakistan. And what is that negative image? It is about the loathsome ‘honor-killing’ act and she put her camera to work and brought forward it to the world. We don’t want to hear the truth and believe in sweeping all the filth under the rug. If someone is still unsure, just today a’ghiratmand’ brother in Sahiwal killed her two sisters for the same non-sense.

But I am not here to defend what the filmmaker has done. Let us see what other documentary has been nominated for this year’s Oscar. And it turns out to be short-film with the name “Spotlight”. This documentary focuses on the child molestation by the church pastors in Boston. And it tells all. The kind of appreciation this movie has got in US media is phenomenal. Actually it is being played in the theaters across the US and other wide world.
Now just imagine, a movie made by Americans, against American pastors who raped the American children in a city non other than Boston, where MIT is located. Nobody thought that the director or producers have defamed United States rather public has welcomed the fact to know what kind of gruesome crimes are being committed in their country. It is distasteful, gross and sickening crime that has been displayed with all the details. But nobody hates the makers of this movie. Nobody call them traitors as we do.
The confident nations encourage individuals to bring out the dark aspects of their society where government or its intuitions cannot see or too lazy to act. It works as a catalyst and law enforcers then uproot the crime so that coming generation need not to deal with it. In order to fix the society ills, first you have to acknowledged their presence only then you can take measures to fix those.
I request all the people who have been poised by the negative propaganda barraged against Shirmeen’s work should open their eyes and be thankful to her that she is bringing out the social ills from our society. If someone thinks that she is highlighting the negative aspects of the society, nobody has stopped others to bring up the positive aspects of our country. All they have to do is to work on it.


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