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March 30, 2016

Another Tragedy- Another Knee-jerk Reaction

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On 16th Dec 2014, after school going kids were slaughtered by the barbarians, the present government, entire political class and military devised a National Action Plan ( NAP ), that was aimed at flushing out all terrorists, their sympathizers and the hate-mongers. Why always the dust of time covers the national tragedies? Some of them simply shouldn’t be compromised. The NAP lost its steam soon after some initial break-throughs and decline in country-wide terrorist activities without realizing that terrorist have simply went under-ground and postponed their activities, for the time being. They are war hardened and very committed, it was a naive approach to loose the interest and cut the zeal that was displayed in the initial days of APS tragedy.

Now, after this fresh episode of carnage, we can feel the emphasis again on ‘intensifying’ operation against the such elements. This essentially meant that we lost the appetite before and now because scores of people have been killed again, we are going to renew our NAP commitments. It is unfortunate but should it be assumed that for a contentious operation people need to die on equal intervals otherwise, we relax? It is utter lack of professionalism and height of bad governance. In the countries where the welfare of the people is primordial point, all resources are appropriated first to secure their lives.
It is not enough to just root our the active terrorists in the field, if you kill one, there would be ten more there to replace him. The full focus should on the sweeping reforms regarding the origins and nurseries of such religion-based terrorism. The national narrative regarding the NAP is absent from the social media. This is the platform where narrow mindedness and hate-mongers roam free. They dominate this scene. If someone wants to deny, it is there choice but the major radicalization is carried through the use of social media. Now it is understandable that no single government can regulate all aspects of social media, but this is very much doable to counter the hate-driven narrative being funneled through it, to the gullible minds and impressionable teens. When the federal government has the resources to control the electronic and print media by filling it with govt-friendly commentaries, a fraction of those resources can be channelized to this unbridled cyber-space. A counter narrative needs to be build with full force. This is the only way by which you can cut the future supply-lines of ‘wanna-be’ militants.
The system of mosques and madaris, certainly needs to be regulated by the government. Every single resident of each of the neighborhoods of Pakistan, knows who are the people who openly vouch for the extremist’s cause. There is no need to pick them up or kill them in cold-blood, rather they need to be cautioned and told to follow the line. In some cases the same elements can be effectively used to counter the very same ideals that they previously advocate for. Unfortunately, the national media, is also not immune to their sympathizers, if government doesn’t know about them, then I must say, they have no right to govern, in the first place.
Extremism was spread very systematically in the nook and corners of Pakistan with all the precision techniques that are applied in making it an effective and heart-luring propaganda. The same amount of effort is required to undo its potency. The only sliver lining is that this could be done much faster, given the new means of dissemination of information are available now.
All of the above, could only be done when there is utmost sincerity to the cause is felt otherwise nothing would be achieved. And we would only see the knee-jerk kind of reactionary statements and actions that fizzle out soon when the news disappears from the media and goes to the sleep-mode only when awkwardly awaken by the follow-up tragedy.


March 3, 2016

Shirmeen’s Crime

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All kind of curses have already been funneled down to the work of Shirmeen Obaid Chinoy. And her alleged crime is that she has presented a negative image of Pakistan. And what is that negative image? It is about the loathsome ‘honor-killing’ act and she put her camera to work and brought forward it to the world. We don’t want to hear the truth and believe in sweeping all the filth under the rug. If someone is still unsure, just today a’ghiratmand’ brother in Sahiwal killed her two sisters for the same non-sense.

But I am not here to defend what the filmmaker has done. Let us see what other documentary has been nominated for this year’s Oscar. And it turns out to be short-film with the name “Spotlight”. This documentary focuses on the child molestation by the church pastors in Boston. And it tells all. The kind of appreciation this movie has got in US media is phenomenal. Actually it is being played in the theaters across the US and other wide world.
Now just imagine, a movie made by Americans, against American pastors who raped the American children in a city non other than Boston, where MIT is located. Nobody thought that the director or producers have defamed United States rather public has welcomed the fact to know what kind of gruesome crimes are being committed in their country. It is distasteful, gross and sickening crime that has been displayed with all the details. But nobody hates the makers of this movie. Nobody call them traitors as we do.
The confident nations encourage individuals to bring out the dark aspects of their society where government or its intuitions cannot see or too lazy to act. It works as a catalyst and law enforcers then uproot the crime so that coming generation need not to deal with it. In order to fix the society ills, first you have to acknowledged their presence only then you can take measures to fix those.
I request all the people who have been poised by the negative propaganda barraged against Shirmeen’s work should open their eyes and be thankful to her that she is bringing out the social ills from our society. If someone thinks that she is highlighting the negative aspects of the society, nobody has stopped others to bring up the positive aspects of our country. All they have to do is to work on it.

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