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August 8, 2015

Pakistan: Time to Rise and Shine

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The dark and dense curse of terrorism is finally seems to be clearing up from the horizons of Pakistan. Although we are not still out of woods but certainly a solid progress is visible against this curse that was drawn around three decades ago. Indeed it was suffocating and polluted every aspect of the society. It transformed the smiles and chatters of happy faces into long gloomy ovals that would only whisper. Like any other crazy act, this folly was also committed in the name of greater national interest. Unlike other silly acts this was too lethal because it became untouchable and insurmountable as it was packaged in the flimsy garb of twisted interpretation of religion. Underneath it was just naked lust for power of few individuals.

The public of Pakistan was set into a tremendous guilt about its ways of life and was informed rhetorically about their naive understanding of the belief- set they held till then. I was young but I have a vivid memory of that fateful day when Gen Zia announced the facade of referendum on Nov 9th 1984. That referendum revolved around a single point questionnaire- You want the puritinaztion of Pakistan according to the religious values as defined by the dictator- Yes/No. If ‘Yes’ then dictator would march you towards the ill-defined journey of the obscurity by turning the wheel of time backwards. Results: No brainier- 97 percent of the ‘public’ overwhelmingly voted for it through empty polling stations!

Pakistan bled excessively for the next couple of decades. General public had to walk through the jungle-fire that was torched by some insane minds. Amazing and brilliant people were killed in the name of sectarianism. Blood was spilled profusely. And the climax of those god-forsaken years was the unparalleled brutality that was unleashed on the lives of innocent kids of APS Peshawar. It tears me apart to call the killing of poor kids as an opportunity but sure it served like one.

That incident cleared all doubts about the gravity of the situation that Pakistan was facing. Overnight the narrative of statehood got redefined. Even the orthodox cynics who would look every move by the military establishment with suspicion, and rightly so till then, changed their stance and accepted the sincerity of rejuvenated military operation. And the results are already apparent.

Pakistan is resurfacing as a confident nation once again. World is getting out of its negative attitude towards this great nation of 180 million people-barring some extremists. The restaurants of Islamabad are again frequented by the tourists and diplomats who once wouldn’t come out of their enclaves for the fear of their life. The kidnapping for ransom that became an accepted norm of the society has dropped to negligible because most of the kidnappers have been wiped out from the face of earth. The ever competing institutions seemed unified against at least on a single point agenda- terrorism. International investment is next to flow in and some of it is already making inroads.

The changing dynamics of Middle Eastern politics is also going to cast positive impact for Pakistan. Obviously everything is not going to be hunky- dory but certainly state of Pakistan has avoided nose-dive. But history tells us that nation who rise out of ashes, march their travel to glory and stability at geometric rate. Also, another pertinent lesson of history also points to the fact that chaos cannot go on unchecked indefinitely and order always gets restored. Without getting into political jargonsim or affixing stamps of favorites in the political arena, it certainly is beyond any doubt that military establishment and its current skipper are the vanguards of this fresh shape up of the country. It is also true that it was their predecessors who put us in to this morass in the first place but after witnessing the unending run of extremist hordes and their destruction in Iraq and Syria, we sure can value a this strong institution However, a cynical question still intrigues me, if our establishment was capable of fixing of this issue so swiftly why they let us bleed this far?

Nonetheless, I can see a successful, modern and prosperous Pakistan in the years to come.

zara num ho to ye mitti / bari zarkhez hai Saqi.


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