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December 29, 2009

Dekhna hai bazo-i-qatil main zor kitna hai

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The killing spree in Pakistan is on and thriving. This time target was Ashura procession in Karachi.

O Jihadi, kill … kill more..never leave a living soul in Pakistan. Once that is done then you bring your ideology for mountains, deserts, rivers and ghost towns..

What can I comment on this madness just would like to say,

Tum ko deen ho mubarik
humain tabah na karo

Khud bhee mit jao gai ik roz
yeh sauda na karo


December 5, 2009

XE-Black Water and Pindi Terror

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“Did you hear that?”


“40 people have been murdered today in Rawalpindi at a time when they were offering Jumma prayers, including senior ranking military official and 16 children”

“Oh yeah. I Know that”

“Who can do such a barbaric act?”

“A Muslim cannot do it. It must be American Black Water,”

“No. We don’t have that organization here”,

“But you know we have XE, they are American too. They are carrying out all terrorism in Pakistan,”

“So you say that a Muslim cannot attack a mosque”.


“Oh really, remember 1990s when Shia-Sunni Mosque used to be attacked, Who do you think those guys were?”

“Oh year, at that time it was Indians, you know they are our enemies”

“Hold on, please listen to this news bulletin, (TV) Tehrik Taliban Pakistan has accepted the responsibility for this attack.”

“Stop it man, this is propaganda, Rehamn Malik must have asked somebody to pretend as Taliban and accept this responsibility. Taliban are good people.”

“But do you remember when in Peshawar an explosive laden car was struck in a commercial center and everybody pointed finger at Taliban and then Taliban spokesperson rejected that claim. We accepted it right away. Right? Nobody called that as propaganda”

“Yes, beacsue Taliban always speak the truth”

“But you just said that government issues statements pretending as Taliban”

“Yes that is true. But when Taliban deny some claim, it is always the truth because they are soldiers of Allah”

“How does Allah communicates to them? Anways, forget it. By the way,is XE bringing US scolders here?”

“No, they are hiring our retired commandos”

“What? They are recruiting locals!”


“Then why do you think that our people will conduct such attacks even if they work for XE?”

“Oh you don’t know, these guys are paid heavily, they can do anything for it”

“But retired soldiers are, after all, our own people, Muslims, Pakistani, why would they do it?”

“I told you bro, this is about a real big money”

“But you just said that a Pakistani and Muslim cannot do this, and these are our own retired people”

“I don’t want to talk more on it. Keep one thing in mind they can do it and they are doing it”

“So this means, Taliban is the only Muslim and a Pakistani, who cannot attack fellow Pakistanis and Muslims, right?”

“Of course, this is what I want to say. Taliban want to bring Shria, they are nice people”

“So we establish that it is foreign hand that is attacking Muslims”

“Yes. And Zardari, Rehaman Mlik are their agents they are doing it all on behest of their masters”

“But Zardari even cannot leave presidency because of security and life-threat”

“Yes, exactly. He is a coward”

“Okay, but Munawar Hassan and his Jumat are daily bringing out protest rallies against US without any fear”


“So, don’t you think that if Zardari is US agent and Munawar Hassan is anti-US and we have also established that all of the terrorism is being carried out by Americans, then things should be reversed”

“I didn’t get you bro, speak clearly”

“Sure. You see, Munawar Hassan should be the target, but he everyday carries rallies without any fear though he is anti-US but all the US agents including Zardari, Rehman Malik cannot even step out though they know that ‘terrorist’ US agents are their friends. How would you interpret that ?”

” I tell you Qazi and Munawar Hassan are brave while Zaradari is a rat, hiding in his bunker”

“But when Zardari’s wife BB tried to be brave she was killed, though she was also friend of terrorist(US)”

“Now you are trying to shift the blame?”

“No I just want to say that whatever suits you, you cry loud about it and general public accepts it.”

“And what do you think then?”

“I tell you. Juman Islami is friend of terrorists and terrorists are Taliban, so Jumat’s rallies are safe, while secular parties are always attacked”

“What can I say bro, Allah (SWT) may guide you, you seem betrayed. You shouldn’t talk against your religion”

“When did I talk against my religion? I just said Talibans are cruel murderers and Jumat is their political face. Simple. What it has to do with religion?”

“Brother, this discussion can go on for long time but I can hear Azaan, I am going to mosque, catch you later”

“Sure, please do pray for all the people and also pray that Taliban fitna should soon lick the dust”

“I don’t need to pray that. I would pray for the early ouster of Zaradari government which is providing safe-havens to notorious organizations like XE and Black Water, who are doing Terrorism in Pakistan”

La haul wal Quwwa.

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