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June 13, 2009

Jihadis Strike Back

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Suicide bombers struck at various places in Pakistan during the last week. They have destroyed PC Peshawar, killed a moderate cleric Sarfaraz Naeemi alongside their assassin squads hit areas of NWFP killing many police officials and locals.

This was inevitable. But this is also an indication that for the first time ever, in the post 9/11 world, Pakistan is taking serious note of the miscreants. The first serious surgery of its kind to uproot the cancer that is deeply entrenched in the body of Pakistani society. The chain of suicide attacks are an ample proof of the desperation in the head offices of the Terrorism Inc. It also indicates that the noose is tightening around the neck of its staff. However, the cancer is deep rooted, very deep rooted. It was cultured very well by the global and domestic spy agencies. The individuals were picked, fed and trained to the best of the trainers’ abilities. Hence, the fight back will be tough. The only silver lining out of this blood soaked episode is the unanimity of the view among the Pakistani nation regarding these so called Taliban, their motives and identification of the problem.

With the exception of few faggots, including dear Imran Khan and hostile ‘unaware’ Hassan of JI, every one across the political and religious spectrum is on board with this operation. Some liberal critics also point out that, this whole facade ( the military operation) is being done to save the forces of the status quo. Alright, personally I also don’t feel comfortable with the beneficiaries and the profiteers of the prevailing rusty system but the dawn of a new revolution, whose trailer we have just seen in the form of Taliban, is horrific. And for the time being, it would be wise to trace back to the status quo, in which at least we had the right to live, though very miserably. Once we deal with this menace, there would be ample time to fix/overhaul the system too.

Getting back to Jihadis, they were created, by the establishment and for the establishment. They were trained with all the possible rigor and were made as lethal as possible. They were designed to kill the Russians but somehow they forgot to turn on the chip which was imbibed the name “Russian” on it. These machine only knew two commands, if human, kill ‘it’.Somehow the architects and engineers of these machines forgot to replace the word ‘human’ with ‘Russians” when this chip was finally soldered into their tiny brains. Hence the result. The machine has started killing its creators. And now creators are obliged, not less than, to actually pull the plug. But at the same time this machine has become self-aware with some malicious scripts copied in their generic code. Now they have become deceptive and can also camouflage themselves. Also they have become so smart to actually generate their sympathizers among the masses and mass media, who would cover up their dirty crap each time they carry out their ‘mission’ sucessfully. But the time is numbered for them, no more.

Let there be no doubt that phoenix of Pakistan will emerge among the debris and ashes of the left over. This nation is learning new things and ideas at a geometric rate. The new swing will not hover around the fresh-ideas-quarantined society, it will get to the other side where stream of progress and prosperity flows, where clergy is restricted to its role . Enough of the dogmas that powered the forces of darkness to rule the sentiment of a semi literate public. This swing will also wipe out the notions that were cultivated by Zia-ul-Haq, when he was trying to make us Arab and actually wanted us to believe that as well. A new dawn of progress, prosperity and growth will emerge. Just its trajectory will be a bit bumpy and painful.

Also published in daily THE NEWS of June 13, 2009

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