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May 12, 2009

A Human Tragedy in Making!

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In Malakand, the recent operation against Taliban by Pakistani Security forces is justified but I must say it was worst planned. The internally displaced people are now exceeding 1.5 Million. According to UN this is biggest mass human migration in last 15 years. They are living in the worst possible scenario where they are placed in the tents that convert into hot air balloons during the day time. And the summers of Pakistan means a temperature that exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. But apart from that we need to keep some statistics in mind. The total population of Malakand division is 5 million and still more than 3 million people are trapped in the war zone. There are no medical facilities, no food supply and if somebody wants to sneak out, the transporters are exploiting them by charging more than a $1000 per bus for travelling only 80 km to nearby Mardan or Swabi. The children, elderly and pregnant women are the worst hit of this whole scenario.

Government has proved totally inept while doing its preparations for this kind of operation. There is no reflection from civil society, wealthy individuals and NGOs during this whole tragedy. I appeal to everybody to support to the Red Cross, Edhi foundation and other genuine relief origination to take care of these poor people who have been displaced in their own country. I would analyze the political aspect of this whole episode later but right now these poor Swati people need our help. After all, we all want a peaceful, stable, moderate and vibrant Pakistan and now it needs help. If we don’t act now, it might kill more people from starvation and disease than actually from extremists whom we want to save them from!


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