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April 22, 2009

Iqbal Bano Passed Away!

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Daghe Dil Hum ko Yaad Aaanay Lage

The legendary singer of Pakistan or to put it correctly, of Sub-Continent Iqbal Bano has passed away. This closes the chapter of classical ghazal singing to an end. Bano was not a big fan of contemporary Ghazal singing and she was the old school who stressed on the raag itself more than the ghazal’s rhyming compulsions.

She was a big name in Ghazal singing. Her enchanting voice eulogized millions of ghazal fans for decades and will continue to do so as long as Urdu-Hindi language is there and there are people who like this slow rhythming form of performing arts known as ghazal singing. God may bless her.

As a tribute I am putting two of her melody beauties on my blog


April 14, 2009

Peace in Swat or Sweeping under the Carpet

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At this most critical moment I should have been quiet or danced to the tunes of Nizam-e-Adle regulation passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan. For the sake of saying, it is a fancy way of putting the lives, honour, respect, future and destiny of more than two million population of Malakand Division under the ruthless clutches of Taliban, a modern form of Azab-e-Elahi.

Yes, it will bring peace, but the one like we have in graveyards. It is always so serene there. The minor stir in the air feels like a boom. People of Swat and adjoining areas would be happy that the way they used to live, is now history. Of course, that was a bad way, the infidel way, anyways. Now people endowed with the strength of Eeman and the authority to bring justice will prevail. They would bring justice without creating a just society and condition. Islam would see its renaissance and under the banner of this great movemnet the torch bearers of Islam would bring the sweet revolution everywhere. Why to keep the goodies confined to Swat?

I am dismayed by the ANP-PPP duo, especially ANP where opportunism dominated. Instead of keeping the long term interests of its people it succumbed to power of Klashinkov bearers. I have nothing against Shariat or Adl but against the way and circumstances it is adopted. I don’t think that an illiterate person, who is fed with charity, has no formal schooling can transform into a religous scholar, out of nothing and on top of it claims to have understood the Shariat-e-Muhammadi to its fundamentals! As once Winston Churchill said, war is too delicate a matter to be handed over to the generals. The same applies here. Shariat is too delicate a matter to be handed over to Mullas leave aside the ruthless Talibans.

This is all, I know. I may be wrong, please correct me, if you think so.

Published in Daily THE NEWS April 16, 2009

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