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November 5, 2008

US: The Land of Opportunities

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Barack Hussein Obama II has been elected as the 44th president of United States with a landslide victory. Hats off to the American Democracy!

First it was Arnold Schwarzenegger an immigrant from Austria, who was elected as the Governor of California, now the son of a Kenyan father has been elected to the highest office of the United States or it would be more appropriate to call it, the highest office of the world.

The African-American community in the journey of centuries has suffered a lot. They endured the slavery, brutality and racism for generations. But at the same time, when American image around the world is touching to its lowest ebb, the ideals of democracy have prevailed. This ‘Change’ might help a bit to the tarnishing American respect around the world. Even the most vocal detractors of the American international policies would take a breather and might ponder over as what constitutes a great nation. America used to be, before Bush era, beacon house of the human rights, moderation and progress. But the Bush-Cheney duo’s war hysteria made US as the big violator of the very same ideals upon which foundations of the US laid down.

Certainly we are witnessing a history in making. The discrimination on the basis of racism licked its first defeat in South Africa, when Nelson Mandela tarnished the nasty Apartheid and now certainly, the election of Obama as the president of US is another lesson. A lesson which imparts this fundamental and pivotal point that superiority doesn’t converge with how you look, it is about how you think, feel and act.

Published in the daily The News and daily Dawn of Nov 7, 2008
Also published in daily The Toronto Star Nov 7, 2008


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