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July 13, 2008

Sorry NBC, It Ain’t Right!

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We all hear about ‘Yellow Journalism’ and then speculate about certain stories in press, as what class of journalism can be applied on it. Yellow Journalism, is defined as a syndrome in journalism whereby some media outlet projects a particular issue out of proportions, twists the truth or falsifies it under political, self righteous or monetary considerations.

Lets see an exmaple of it. Today ( Saturday, July 12 ) I saw top headline on MSNBC where headline says this:

Pakistan: U.S. not hunting bin Laden on its turf
Top diplomat says no military action to catch extremists; tensions grow

Now this gives an impression that new Pakistani democratically elected government is in defiance of its international commitments. While ‘tension grows’ suggests that US is angry over Pakistan. Then under the same ridge it has a link to the video footage to the Pakistani foreign minster’s interview. If you listen to the interview, you wouldn’t find anything what the headline suggests. This is wrong!

Its simple, a casual surfer would just look at the headline and will move on. But during the process he/she would develop the image of a irresponsible and a rogue state about Pakistan. I have no idea, what is being achieved by this kind of journalistic aberrations but would sure demoralise those people who are seriously working and rendering sacrifices in the pursuit of jehadi elements. On the same page showing people praying and in the background commentary uses words like ‘Extremism and religious bigotry’. This is again wrong. A person who is bearing a beard or praying is not extremist! Please don’t alienate the 95 percent people. Going to church or synagogue or temple doesn’t make anybody fundamentalist rather they are simply practising their faith and so does a person praying in mosque.

I appeal to the rationality and open mindedness while dealing with world’s any community, especially Muslims these days.

Here are the links, see for your own:

1: News Item
2: Interview Video


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