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June 25, 2008

Fall of Peshawar to Taliban, Imminent!

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It appears that the Islamization process of NWFP is about to be completed. Corrupt administration and inept federal executive seems to accept this development as a fate accompli. In the absence of genuine leadership people fail to differentiate between mirage and a water pond. They don’t want to drink sand but leadership with blurred vision evaporates the difference between water and sand! Seems like time to face the music, the Jehadi recruits and Taliban missionaries opera orchestrated by our intelligence agencies for Afghanistan seems to attract local theaters now along with the plenty of audience.

Whats next ? Are we going to witness closure of girl schools and colleges? or shut down of famous Lady Reading hospital, close down of electronic media outlets, destruction of barber shops?

It is beyond my intellectual capacity to suggest what to do and what not to do on the face of the grim situation developing in NWFP but I understand one thing, if social justice prevails then societies resist to the change. And all of us know as how we transformed a welfare state to a security state in the last 30 years. We accumulated tanks, guided missiles ( for a misguided foreign policy ), fighter jets and even detonated nuclear bombs but failed to forget the very basic lesson from the human history that every evil and revolution starts from stomach. Ex-USSR had all this but public remained discontent and she fell apart within its very own core.

Lets wait and see as how the vision of Dr Iqbal is explored a bit more….


June 20, 2008

Hamid Karzai and American Wars

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President of the Afghan presidential palace, Mr Hamid Karzai, threatened to invade Pakistan to pursue, as per him, the tribal warlords who are fanning insurgency in Afghanistan. This could be the worst joke of 21st century. The same Hamid Karzai, used to be the blue-eyed boy of the Pakistani Establishment in post Soviet-Afghan war. In the fall of 2001, he was smuggled into Kabul, on a motor bike by Pakistani intelligence agencies to take oath as president of the Afghanistan. When this guy and his family was booted out of Afghanistan in 80’s, they enjoyed the comforts and hospitality of Pakistan and now the very same guy calling warning shots on his benefactor! Pity.

Sometime we ignore the barking dog because of its master. It is no wonder that this guy is under the Utopian spell of having power by virtue of NATO forces. There can be no denial that Pakistan was the architect of Taliban movement. But also how we can ignore the the socio-political dynamics of bellicose Afghan tribes, criminals and thugs running the post Geneva Accord ( 1988 ) Afghanistan. That provided the perfect breeding ground even for such a radical movement to nurture. Instead of going into the details of Taliban movement evolution and repercussions thereof, I would simply explore the history of American wars and try to relate it with the current day accusation of Hamid Karzai.

This is an unfortunate aspect of US military adventurism that they launched wars that have been very unpopular at home and abroad. After 1955, the world settled into two poles, lead by Soviets and the US. The Cold War and its skirmishes took toll of smaller and weaker nations. The US-Vietnam war, launched against the North Vietnam and Viet Cong guerrillas, started facing stiff resistance. After US failed in its objectives in late 1960s, a volley of accusation thrown at Cambodia ( then known as Kampuchea ) and was branded as helper to the Vietcong . This later turned into the devastation of this unfortunate neighbour of Vietnam where later barbaric rulers like Khmer Rouge literally took that country to the stone age.

In the very recent past ( and present ), the War in Iraq which was based on the assumption that Saddam regime was possessing ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and later it was branded as war for the freedom of Iraqi people, when no weapon of any destruction could be found. When this hugely unpopular war started facing resistance in Iraq, instead of accepting the fact, the finger of accusation starting pointing at Syria and Iran for helping the insurgents.

Now in Afghanistan very same game is being played. When US and NATO forces could not achieve their objectives and at every step they faced resistance. They did two things: Firstly, they allowed the same thugs ( so-called War Lords ) to operate in their erstwhile dominions. Secondly despite Pakistan being the Non-NATO ally, for every set back faced by coalition forces, Pakistan was termed as culprit sometime overtly and otherwise covertly as the main source of insurgency. The term ‘cross-border’ terrorism became popular slogan for every failed adventure.

As I said earlier Karzai, is just speaking his master’s voice. It is very delicate moment for Pakistan and its leaders. But unfortunately they are so much absorbed in their own domestic issues that they cannot see the building up of a huge Tsunami on the western borders of Pakistan and specially in the NWFP.

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