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February 22, 2008

Pakistan Election: Yes, Public Deserves Democracy!

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After looking at the recent election process in Pakistan, I want to recollect something. In Europe, during one of his press conferences General(r) Muhsarraf asserted that West should not pressurise Pakistan for a Western style democracy. As per him, Pakistani public is not mature enough to handle the niceties of democracy. It cannot be said with certainty that under what state of mind he uttered these derogatory comments about lively and sensible public of Pakistan. Perhaps, he could say that because he has never been a person of the public. He never interacted with the public because he didn’t need their votes to get to the power. Our public has the horse sense. They always remained an ardent supporter of democracy. If democracy can work for India why not us. And now everybody can see that our public is way more sensible then General has thought about them.

Pakistani public has given their clear verdict. They need the government of the people, by the people and for the people. The onus is now on the shoulders of elected representatives of the people. Political parties should not waste their time in settling issues outside the parliament. They should assume their responsibilities as quickly as possible. The unseen powers should not be given any chance this time where they could start their nasty game.

Pakistan Zinda Baad.


February 20, 2008

Pakistan Election: Wisdom of the Masses

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Everyone is speechless over the silent revolution that dawned on a withered nation and hopeless scenario that engulfed the pre-2008-election-Pakistan. This is how masses speak their mind. No doubt democracy has so far been the best system of governance human being has ever achieved. But in order to truly celebrate the occasions please read through a stanza from one of the Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s legendry poetry. The state of mind Faiz depicts is about the memory of beloved one that just pervades in the mind of a person who was yearning for it over a long long time. If you read it through a bit transitory imagination of a nation that was looking towards a salvation and emancipation from the wounds inflicted by mediocrity and dictatorship. The pain was acute but if somehow the recent winds of change in Pakistani, have brought a message of a hope to the distressed people; here is how they would think it:

raat yun dil mein teri khoyi hui yaad aayi,
jaise veeraane mein chupke se bahaar aa jaye,
jaise sehraaon mein holay se chale baad-e-naseem,
jaise beemaar ko be-wajeh qarar aa jaaye.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: ( Please ignore any mistake if you find in this translation as I don’t have the intellectual capacity to bring the metaphysical imagination of Faiz in my known vocabulary of any language leaving aside an acquired language like English.)

Some moment of night your vague thought crossed my mind,
It felt like a spring-bloom in barren land,
It felt like gentle breeze in the deserts
It felt like a dying patient, for no reason, smiles.

All the very best to all of you; and for some of you; cheers 🙂

February 11, 2008

Imran Khan’s Take On Chaos In Pakistan

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I liked this interview of Imran Khan by US media.




February 5, 2008

The First Girl Friend

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Surprised by the title? No wonder, the wife and daughter of a president is called ‘First Lady’ and ‘First Daughter’, similarly the girl friend of a president can be termed as ‘First Girl Friend’. While eye-balls roll over First Girl Friend but what to say the about former Italian Super model, Carla Bruni and the present day girl friend of French president Nikolas Sarkozy.

By the way, the purpose of this article is not about getting the intimate details of Carla-Sarkozy relationship. However, the geo-political dynamics have some ramifications over this relationship. Lately French President was on a whirlwind tour of Middle East and South Asia. The trip that would have otherwise been very normal courtesy call for one head of state to other became somewhat marred by the lady accompanying Sarkozy. If Carla would have been the wife of French leader, the protocol officer at the host states would not require to sweat over the issue. However, girl friend, relationship challenged the protocol officers as what kind of protocol should be accorded to Carla. After minor debate all the Arab states of Middle East which Sarkozy visited accorded Carla as spousal reception.

The twist in this story came when on the last leg of his trip, Sarkozy aimed for India. The Indian protocol officers were caught in a classic Catch-22 situation. One one hand if they would accord Carla a spousal treatment, the Indian public would mull it and on the other hand if they raise some objection to her visit, that might cause some unpleasant repercussion in future Indo-French relationship. Though boy-friend, girl-freind thing is widely practised in the modern Indian cosmopolitans, it still has not obtained the general approval from the larger society sections there. Owing to this fear, Indian Foreign Ministry, told their counter parts in France that Carla is not welcome in India. This was a big stance by a poor nation to a rich and powerful one. Guess what, Sarkozy went ahead with his scheduled trip without his sweetheart. And he also signed a plethora of commercial agreements there with India.

The lessons learned from the above are following:

1: Sarkozy married Carla right after his trip. He learned that head of states doesn’t have the luxury to have conjugal relationships without wedlock.

2: India, as widely believed by her detractors in Pakistan that she is blindly following the Western life style have been proved wrong.

3: We can imagine how Pakistan would have reacted over this. Let me know what you think ? I guess, it would have been a big okay from the concerned people. In the unlikely, otherwise scenario European newspapers would have been full of terming Pakistan as a conservative society and a country with medieval ideals also there would have been some video clips depicting Pakistan as the worst male-chauvinistic society. Just a thought!

cheers 🙂

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