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December 30, 2007

Benazir Bhutto’s Death: Some Questions

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As I mentioned in one of my previous e-mails ( regarding Gul Jee ) that we are on a pursuit to eliminate people of  a stature and international repute amongst us. Now Benazir Bhutto is slain as well. This tragedy has shook the entire world. To be very honest, due to my personal poor information and perhaps inspired by propaganda against her, I was baffled to see the wave of sympathy that poured in from the entire world over the killing of BB. No doubt she had the widest of the acclaim. She turned out to be not just another  politician of a third world country but was one of the leading personality of the first rank politicians in the world.

 BB on her arrival back to Pakistan, forgot one thing that she was entering a country run by able people like Musharraf during the last eight years. At the end of every military rule nation of Pakistan is rewarded with a new gift. At the end of AyubYahya duo we were prized with severance of our East Wing, depressed nation and humiliated military. During the second part of this sequel spearheaded by our Momin Genaral, Zia-ulHaq, we were rewarded with a multitude of blessings. The religious fanaticism, the Kalashnikov and drug culture, the rise of local-bodies-level politicians to the national stage, upsurge of ethnic and nationalist movements and above all the rendering Pakistan a status of an international pariah. Now the boon of  the part three of this series, is deep dis-integration among the left over Pakistan along with new and improved carnage techniques of  suicide bombing. Perhaps Benazir couldn’t comprehend the complexity of this phase. She was too much confident of her public support and missed the whole point that we are living in an era of enemies whom we don’t know.

 Pakistan has turned out to be so much a complex country that after every unfortunate incident fingers are pointed in every direction. It starts with Tora Bora and Waziristan and ends all the way up to the president house. No body can be sure as who wanted what out of a particular tragedy. Sometime it is an irony that people sitting on opposite sides of this anti-extremist strife somehow are counter balancing each other in a benign manner. I am not necessary talking about any collusion but sometime events draw these tangents.

 I particularly apologise for starting a speculation mill, however it is very tempting to ask following questions from the administration:

 1: Why autopsy of the body was not performed? Asif Zardari can put a request but in a such high profile murder why govt would care about such a request? 

2: Why the site of the blast was washed right after the incident. When a suicide attack took place against Musharraf back in Dec 2003, the whole area was cordoned for entire week to collect samples for forensic evaluation ?

 3: Why it was so urgent for the government to bring up a new version for the cause of BB’s death? The story of hitting of lever of the vehicle’s sunroof  when she ducked inside seems a very naive attempt by the administration to cool sentiments by eliminating bullet strike.

 4: The translation of the the militant leader’s conversation with somebody doesn’t give a clue who they were talking about. The gender difference can appear when a Pushto speaking person talks in Urdu. How can they have this issue while speaking their own language Pashtu.

 5: How administration was so sure that their marked target for phone bugging would definitely speak and will exchange greetings right on the day when govt needed it the most following the riots in the aftermath of BB’s assassination?

 We need prayers for such a beautiful country whom ruthless power struggles has transformed into a complete mess

  (more to come on this … ) 


December 27, 2007

A Very Sad Day For Pakistan

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Benazir Bhutto Assassinated! Inna Lillah.

I was not a big supporter of BB but killing the leader of the most popular political party is a tragedy of giant proportions. Allah may save Pakistan.

December 20, 2007

Aqsa Parvez

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A poem written in memory of Aqsa Parvez. For you who are not aware of this name. This teenage girl was strangulated to death by her father, of Pakistani origin, few days back in sub-urban city of Mississauga. Reason, as per her father, she was treading a promiscuous path and would not wear head scarf along with objectionable attire. I reserve my comments on the subject but would like to send you following poem written by a philanthropist and human rights activist Akbar Khan ( Guddu Mamoo ). Mamoo, thanks for allowing to publish this.

O’ Father

You were supposed to be my protector, O’ father

Why, then, did you commit my murder, O’ father?

Why did you bring me into this world to begin with?

If this was the end I was to suffer, O’ father?

You were to show justice, kindness and mercy to me

How did you become my torturer O’ father?

I looked to you as my guide, my model, my mentor

How did you end up my tormentor O’ father?

Did your fingers feel weak crushing my windpipe

As you pressed them harder and harder, O’ father?

You were so insistent that I cover my self up completely

Like me in a shroud, in a coffin, six feet under, O’ father?

Wasn’t it you who brought me here to this cold, distant land

With strange norms, morals and alien culture, O’ father?

A plant takes up nutrients from the soil that it’s planted in

I bloomed where you transplanted me gardener, O’ father?

Did you not see the affect of the change of climate here

Did you not see the influences I was under, O’ father?

Did you ever feel isolated, a stranger in this land

How you coped with the situation, I wonder, O’ father?

Even though you cut my life short, alas! I pray to God

That you may live for a long, long time here after, O’ father?


Akbar Khan

Toronto, Canada

December 13, 2007

Gul Jee

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I am writing these lines with utmost sense of shock and sorrow over the murder of great calligraphist and artist Gul Jee. He was murdered in  Karachi along with his wife and maid today.
Something definetly has went wrong with our Pakistan. Not a single day passes when we don’t hear any tragedy from there. The Jihalat and goon culture is eating up our society  fundamentals like rust. Why need to kill an innocent artist? A country where we already have dearth of intelligent people and very few people who have acclaim across the globe. And those few too we start killing! Now we got only few other people left with international repute, do we have to wait and see how they reach to their end or we are going to start a ‘War on Jihalat’. I am speechless and just can mourn the deceased. How would we know, how to fix it. When everything from top to bottom is in state of shambles.
When I hear US administration saying that Pakistan is turning into world’s most dangerous country, it outrages me but when I look at the circumstances I get scared. We are dying as a society day by day.
Here are a few other news that made headlines today.
– Train accident, 50 people died
– Suicide bomber struck against army’s soccer players, blowing away the whole team.
Oh and yes, don’t forget to say ‘Eid Mubarik’ to each other.
Praying for the best,

December 9, 2007

Windows XP Downgrade Drivers on Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E model

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This is a help for anybody who wants to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP on Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E model. I am doing this because the pain through which I had to go through should not happen to others. At the same time I am surprised as why Sony wouldn’t provide XP downgrade drivers if somebody doesn’t like Vista. Also this model comes with 1GB RAM and Vista eats up 3/4 of the physical memeory given.


These drivers are essential as Windows XP came before the invention of SATA disk drives. Now when you want to install XP on a computer equipped with SATA drive the SETUP process wouldn’t able to detect it and hence it will terminate. Get your sata drivers for this model from here and slipstream those into your xp installation cd using nLite (a very good tool).

SlipStreaming is the process where we burn the additional drivers or XP Service packs in your old XP installation CD. To achieve this use nLite and specify the location of the drivers on your disk. nLite would automatically pick these drivers and would burn a new installation CD for XP. Next time use this CD and re-start your system and a normal XP installation would commence.

Here are the names of SATA drive files you’ll need to slipstream.

Please follow this link for more elaborate coverage of nLite process, step by step.


Once you are done with your XP installation, the XP complains about the missing drivers for the hardware of this model with message “New Hardware Found”.

For sound card, download WDM_R180.exe from this site . Before you execute this file make sure you run this XP update file (patch) KB835221.exe. This file can be found on Microsoft updates site. Please google it with the name of the file as keyword and you’ll get the link to it.


Use this link to download file win2k_xp14311.exe


One of the downside of XP downgrade is that you’ll be having trouble with brightness control and you’ll be staring all the time on a very bright screen, not good for eyes. The workaround this is following:

1: Download the from here
2: Extract it into a folder say BACKLIGHT on C Drive
3: Get into folder C:\BACKLIGHT\Redist and double click the file install.bat
4: Click Windows START button and select RUN and type cmd there, it will open a command window ( black console )
5: Type In C:\BACKLIGHT\Backlight 1 and Press ENTER
6: A window will pop up, with some wait press the OK Button on it.
You’ll see your laptop screen will get dark, because 1 is the most dark level. Similarly you can type brightness options from 1 to 5, 5 being the brightest. In my case 3 serves good purpose.To save yourself from the hassle of doing it everytime you login your machine, create batch files and put these icons on desktop and just double click each time. I have requested Paul to give me source code for it so that I can generate a windows like control where one should able to change the brightness level graphically.To create a batch file do following:1: Open notepad and type following in it:call c:\backlight\backlight.exe 32: Save this file with some name say, bright3.bat
3: create short cut on desktop and double click it whenever you want to change the screen brightness. You can change the brightness control by typing 1 to 5 any number in batch file. Or you can create multiple batch files with various level of brightness control
NOTE: Step 1 to 4 are required only one time but remaining steps need to be executed each time, if you don’t create batch files as mentioned above.


Ethernet Card Drivers: Use this link and download zip file, unzip it and use device manager to install this for Ethernet card:Here is the list of files you’ll need for your ethernet network card.


Wireless Card Drivers:

Use this link to download the required file.

Here are the files you need to put in one folder and use the device driver install to read drivers from your folders:
Here is another link for the same drivers in one file: (The ads are not good there please ignore those )

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