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November 29, 2007

Farewell General

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Change of command, finally, took place at Army stadium in Rawalpindi. Our all in one, intellectual, statesman, commando, president and God know what else, Syed Musharraf has decided to share power pie with a fellow general. Despite turbulence, it is a welcome move.
From Pakistani public perspective the imperative is not ‘change of command’ rather it is ‘the change of hearts’. No body, no body wants to defame the sign of federation, the armed forces except their own top brass. We need a professionally competent, well equipped army and a full time regular army chief. If the successor of Musharraf could do this, he will be remembered, with great esteem, in the hearts of ‘bloody civvies’. We also need that our spooks shouldn’t sniff the laymen and politicians, rather they must focus their attention elsewhere. Being ‘Jack of All Trades’ is never helpful in the ways of professionalism.
Restoration of Judiciary to prior to November 3rd status is the new motto henceforth.


November 12, 2007

Emergency+: Pakistani Nukes

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These days, the Western capitals and more importantly the Western media is hyped with the stories about Pakistani nuclear weapons. This nightmarish thinking is alluding to the possible control of Pakistani nukes in the hands of extremists followed by the smuggling of those nukes into the  US soil and eventually staging a nuclear terrorism. How simplistic thinking the ‘Think Tanks’ of the US has been endowed with. Keeping fun part aside, we need to understand the difference between a hand-grenade and a nuclear bomb.

Now let us talk about the Alaska of Pakistan, the Tribal Areas. The people in Pakistani tribal areas are not Taliban at all, they are Pashtuns who have vengeance against Pakistani military for bombarding their homes and interfering with their centuries old tribal system. If we think these guys are capable of stealing nukes then making it detonatable, this is the funniest chat of all times. Around 95% of Pakistani tribal area residents even don’t have a passport to travel, leaving aside the means to smuggle nukes to the US. We must keep a safe distance between the Hollywood fiction and the realism. If nothing happened to US during the Soviet-Afghan war when entire Pakistani Army was radicalised, there is absolutely nothing to worry about now. Because the entire command and chain of nukes is in the hands of Pakistani Military which is reciting the lessons of enlightened-moderation for last  8 years.

As I said earlier, if Americans really want the world peace and well being of Pakistani people  they should have command and chain system in place for Msuharraf which is the ‘core problem’. Never in Pakistani parliamentary history religious parties obtained the votes as they performed during the times of so-called ‘moderate’ general. Pakistan’s secular parties always won the elections and formed governments. This was a totally controlled election and results were deliberately manipulated in favour of religious parties to display rise of fundamentalism in Pakistan and to portray Musharraf as the last hope and voice of moderation.

Media should not shift the centre of gravity of Pakistani problems from Musharraf to anything else. General’s patronage should be stopped and emphasise must be laid on a free and fair elections along side free and fair judiciary. The hands of politicians must be strengthened to sow the seed of a true democratic culture. Pakistan is no less in potential than India, the current day darling of the West. It is just a few ambitious generals and their nasty meddling in the state craft which has deteriorated the system for last 60 years. Given the democratic system a chance, problem of all sorts would be eliminated. The extremism is nurtured when basic human rights are suppressed.

Time for all of us to stand together and call it aloud…..


November 10, 2007

Emergency+ : Relax, It is Just a Coup!

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There is funny situation these days. The media in the West and the general readership has inculcated a wrong impression about the situation in Pakistan. I have received nervous calls from my local friends asking me as how is my family doing there back home. The impression that engulfed them somehow is a revisiting of Rwanda-Burundi scenario, this time outside Africa. I just want to assure you that there is nothing of this sort.

We are a great nation and our latitude of acceptance of all sort of ills is even greater. We usually have a coup or lately a ‘counter-coup’ once in every decade. The coup usually doesn’t associate any bloodshed with it and both the aggressor and the victim usually don’t inflict any body harm to each other. The successful in the coup just assumes power and start the nation building process where the victim of the coup left it. Public is given a message as how the new coup has saved Pakistan and how bad the other guy was. This usually enjoys a honeymoon period where public enjoys the spectacle. Actually Pakistani public has developed an addiction for coups and if it doesn’t happen once in a few years time, the political scene becomes dull and very boring. When public addiction for a coup starts developing a momentum, the coup managers stage another one and every-time new euphoria is associated with it like it never happened before.

The only odd thing that happened with the latest coup is that Musharraf got bored with himself and his appetite urged him to stage a coup against himself. And public became dazzled with this new phenomena. In this bewilderment they are pelting stones and burning tires. Reason is simple, this coup drama itself turned out to be boring, as for a successful play you need to have a potent villain. So Musharraf himself played both roles. This is the reason, I seriously doubt Musharraf’s creative skills and demand him that he is no good, very average, so he must GO!


November 8, 2007

Emergency+: Protests sans Political Parties

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Dear All,

The unfortunate juxtaposition of Pakistani Constitution enters the sixth day. Police brutality against peaceful protesters is ruthless. My salute to all the great men and women of lawyer and media community in Pakistan who are receiving baton charges and tear-gas shells. Pakistani civil society is doing its part.

But here is a riddle: Where are all the political parties and their workers? After all they are the implicit beneficiaries and do they want to get rid of dictator at the cost of professional communities? Granted most of their leadership is already arrested, but not everybody has been arrested. What are they doing ? When will they come out ? BB’s collusion and askance to dictator before any statement cannot be trusted. Imran Khan, is hiding to avoid arrest, but what’s the use unless he cannot mobilise his street power. No complains to Maulana Diesel, as he is by-product of establishment. Qazi Hussain, fiery speeches, but no action, eh?

For nationalist parties, what to talk about them, nobody would shed a tear even if their entire party is put on altar. Babu Nawaz Sharif and his followers, are too soft to take hardships, though some of his followers have skirmishes with police in Lahore.

‘Dictatorship cannot endure’.


November 7, 2007

Emergency+ and Swat Scene

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Military should not involve itself in running country affairs. Let somebody else does it. Commander in Chief of Armed forces is so much consumed in power struggle that the integrity of his own institution is at stake. In enchanting Northen Areas and Swat, Talibanisation is taking hold. All girls schools are closed for over two months now. Women are not allowed to come out of their houses. Maulana Fazlullah has promulgated that right hand driving should be adopted as left hand is Satanic way. Please read through this news article [from Dawn].

ADD: Some Pakistani news channels can be seen here:

Third town in Swat falls to militants
PESHAWAR, Nov 6: Militants seized the town of Madyan in Swat on Tuesday and hoisted their flags over buildings after security forces surrendered, police and residents said.
Madyan is the third town to come under the effective control of followers of Maulana Fazlullah, who is demanding enforcement of Sharia in Swat.
“They seized Madyan town today, they have overrun Matta and Khwazakhela towns in their earlier push,” a police official said.
Police gave up their weapons, vehicles and control of local police stations, the officer and local residents said.
The militants are continuing their advance, the official said.
Residents said the militants were patrolling the town.
Witnesses said Fazlullah’s supporters hoisted their flags over government buildings and guarded important sites, such as banks and bazaars.
At least 37 police and paramilitary soldiers left the main police station without a fight after militants surrounded the town and assured them that they would not be harmed, residents said.
A militant source said police turned over 35 Kalashnikovs. Police also retreated from two more police posts in nearby villages.
Earlier, the militants seized the Matta town after outnumbered security forces laid down their arms, militants and police said.
About two dozen police officers and several troops offered no resistance to militants who seized three police stations and a military post in and around Matta.
A Swat police official said authorities had sent helicopter gunships to target militant positions in the area.—Agencies

Go Musharraf Go… Down With Emergency Rule.

November 6, 2007

Hats Off To Their Lordships

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Dear All,

We must salute the most respected judges of the apex court and sub-ordinate judiciary in Pakistan. These esteemed individuals have ushered the re-incarnation of our national conscience which was held in abeyance like the 1973 constitution after emergency plus ( A new term coined by Farzand-e-Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed ). We must hail to these individuals who for once have tried to prove the supremacy of Judiciary above all and sundry.

One of my friend asked me, who should replace Musharraf? Is this corrupt politicians, synthetic Maulanas or as per him corrupt justices?

My answer is simple, anybody except military. If we think military is fed to rule us and politicians are inept, this is inherently wrong supposition. If we blame politicians for all of our ills, then blame those who ruled the most. We have similar bloodlines as Indians does, when democracy can work for them, it should also work for us. Give politicians free hand because a person who can rise among public without institutional support definitely has higher IQ level than a general whose basis for qualifying ISSB is his average intelligence. If we blame politicians to be emerged out of military mentorship, then blame military for it, not to politicians because latter found no window except military which have been ruling forever.

When we castigate military, it is only limited to ambitious generals who over step their authority and not other great military people who sacrificed their lives and others who stand by their oath.

Iss ghar ko aag lagi

ghar ke charagh se


November 4, 2007

GO Musharraf GO

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Dear All,

Martial Law/Emergency has been imposed in Pakistan, again, by the same general!

Why? To serve the whims of a capricious general, who has become power savvy and can’t live without it!

This is 21st century, for heaven’s sake, where all this is leading to? What is the pretext of this unconstitutional move , to help Pakistan over come the extremism? Give me a break, Musharraf is not solution to this problem, he is actually part of the problem, rather he is the worst thing happened to Pakistan in recent times.

I also question the wisdom of Western capitals, as why they think the Musharraf is their last hope in this highly exaggerated ‘war on terror’. People do come, people go, West must deal with Pakistan, rather than an individual. Why West expects Mush will cut the same branch, extremism, through which his own fate is hinged on. It is so unfortunate!


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